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Wildcat Valley Rifle and Pistol Club

12094 S 300 E

Brookston, IN 47923

Course Fee: $125 The Tactical Pistol Fundamentals Course (PISTOL I) is a one-day course designed to teach novice students the safe operation of their semi-automatic pistol. Students will learn the basic operation and manipulation of their weapon system, holster draw, reloads, basic firing positions, engage targets from 3-15 yards, diagnosis and clearance of malfunctions, and develop a tactical mindset. Students will leave this course more confident of their ability with the pistol and carry with them valuable skills and knowledge to develop their own personal training program.  Training Objectives:- Safety- Equipment selection and placement- Advanced pistol marksmanship skills- Advanced weapon manipulation techniques- Immediate action/malfunction drills- Shooting on the move- Advanced shooting positions- Utilization of cover Course Goal:- After completing this course, students will have the advanced skill set needed to safely and confidently operate a semi-automatic pistol in a defensive situation. Prerequisites:- Completion of PISTOL I or:   - Active / former Military   - Active / former LEO- Must be a U.S. Citizen- Ability to legally own and/or possess a firearm- An understanding of the Four Firearms Safety Rules- Willingness to learn Ammunition Requirements:- 500 rounds of quality pistol ammunition Student Equipment Requirements:- A serviceable semi-automatic pistol- Minimum of three (3) pistol magazines- Pistol holster and magazine pouch- BALLISTIC EYE & EAR PROTECTION- Weapon cleaning kit with oil- Appropriate range clothing (Long pants & closed toed shoes REQUIRED)*- Water and snacks to last the day of training (we will not break for lunch)       *choose clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty Recommended Equipment:- Electronic hearing protection (facilitates easier recognition of range commands)- Elbow and knee pads (drills may be conducted on gravel)- Gloves (extended firing will heat barrel, and hand guard / rail)- Headgear / hat- Spare parts & tools- Rain / inclement weather gear (training will continue despite weather)- Insect Repellent- Sunscreen- Extra magazines and magazine pouches (Highly Recommended)- Folding chair 


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