Here's what some of our students are saying about us!


"This was my first live fire training. It was a great experience. Bart and Tony were both good instructors. The group and one on one interaction they had with us was great. They took the time where needed with each of us to help us improve. I really like how the group was small enough that they were able to watch each of us individually and work with us throughout the different exercises.  I plan to return and do the rest of the classes you offer. "



"This was a great class.  The instructors were very knowledgeable.  They explained drills, theory, techniques and mechanics in a way a true novice could understand. Experienced shooters in the class learned a lot too!  The class size was excellent.  The instructors were able to monitor us while we were performing our drills, assist us, and offer suggestions to help us to become better shooters.



"I would recommend this class to anyone who would like to learn how to become a better shooter.  I can't wait to take the Pistol II class!"



"Bart is very proficient with firearms and was a great instructor. He is very patient with students and was willing to spend extra time with a someone if needed."




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