ARMA DYNAMICS is a veteran owned small business that was established in August of 2013 by two longtime friends with the goal of providing firearms training at a price that anyone could afford. The majority of quality training courses are expensive and out of reach of most firearms owners, especially new shooters. While these other courses are excellent, the high cost only limits training options and does not allow the majority of shooters to develop to their potential. We sought to change that by utilizing a military derived instructor background and a devotion to training.


Bart is originally from Kokomo, IN and spent 10 years in the U.S. Air Force as Security Forces.  He was stationed at Minot, ND where he performed nuclear security missions as a Security Team Leader and Airborne Fire Team Member.  Bart was also stationed at Andrews AFB, MD near the heart of our Nation's Capital in D.C., there he was a team leader for the Air Force's only Executive Security team.


Bart has worked with a multitude of Local, State and Federal agencies, coordinating protection missions for world leaders, from our President to the Pope, Kings, Prime Ministers, State Senators and those serving in Congress.  During his Executive Security time, Bart also operated as a Counter Assault Team (CAT) Leader, which provides dynamic response to neutralize threats.  When Bart was not conducting protection details, he would perform duties as a Patrol Sergeant. Bart has conducted training on dynamic room clearing procedures, weapons manipulation and active shooter training.   Bart also has the experience and knowledge learned from two tours in Iraq, performing detainee operations and Counterinsurgency missions while attached to the Army.


Bart is a Sig Sauer Academy certified Semi-Auto Pistol instructor.


Justin is an Army veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom with over 12 years of military service. He  is currently serving as a full time member of the Indiana Army National Guard. Justin has served as an Infantryman and is currently assigned as the marksmanship coordinator/trainer for his Battalion.


Justin has been shooting recreationally long before his time with the military. He currently competes in local 3-Gun and USPSA matches. He is also the founder of the upcoming Indiana Tactical Carbine series of 2-gun matches, which focus on the utilization of the carbine and pistol. He is known for designing many of the challenging stages used for these matches. Challenging a shooter and forcing him to think is something Justin strives for in competition and more importantly, in training.



Tiny Italian / Instructor

Although we continually question his shooting abilities, he makes one hell of a baked ziti! More information on this pint-sized, gunslinging Italian will be coming soon!


("Stop shooting the target stands, Tony")



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